Oil Spill

Problems commonly experienced

Nowhere in the world today is safe from the threat of Oil and other types of pollution.
Tourist destinations and exotic island groups are subject to loss of their Economies and employment due to the effects of weather, currents and other tidal action from;

  • Oil contamination of the water from accidents at sea.
  • Oil pollution on tourist beaches.
  • Plastic and garbage in shore-line water.
  • Plastic and garbage on beaches.
  • Stinking Sargassum seaweed on beaches and in coastal water.
  • Trash in coastal and off-shore waters.
  • Plastic garbage in off-shore waters.
  • Oil polluted river banks.
  • Garbage infested rivers and lakes.
  • Invasive vegetation in rivers and lakes.


The Solution

    • Prevention is better than cure. Be prepared, everything you need is here. Why lose your economy to accidents?
    • Gobbler® 290, economical, highly efficient, top quality. Collects all types of oil from Ocean, coastal, river and lake locations. A range of different capacity bladders are available. All can be recycled with a resale value.
    • Retrofit GoGrinder®. Retrofit granulator. Replaces skimmer in minutes, Plug & Play hydraulics for power, controlled from the wheelhouse.

Grinds floating plastic bottles and plastic sheet into granules. Collected granules stored in
special towed bladder.

  • GoGetter®. Retrofit trash collector. Replaces skimmer in minutes. Plug & Play hydraulics, controlled from the wheelhouse. Collects large trash from ocean, coastal river or lake surface water. Trash stored in own basket.
  • GoFence® Replaces skimmer in minutes. Pushes islands of seaweed or invasive vegetation to a convenient location to enable collection, keeping tourist beaches open for holidaymakers.



The following custom machines can be operated by one or two persons as required.

  • Govercraft® #1. Clears vegetation and dead stumps from riverbanks and land areas in preparation for laying absorbent material. Cut vegetation becomes base material for Biomass that can be sold for profit.
  • Govercraft® #2. Distributes GoSorb® absorbent material on oil polluted beaches and land to restore to pristine condition fast and efficiently. Resultant saturated material converts to value Biomass for sale.
  • Govercraft® #3. Delivery vehicle for material to working Hovers, transport of employees to and from the job.
  • Govercraft® #4 To quickly and economically collect surface plastic bottles, plastic bags and debris from beaches. Garbage can be separately shredded for recycling and resale for profit.