Gobbler OSRV

Gobbler OSRV Overview


Global research identified the need for a specific, dedicated vessel capable of addressing the majority of oil pollution scenarios. Offshore certified, Gobbler is designed to meet this requirement and effectively respond to all situations. By design, the vessel can operate 24/7, eliminating the need to return ashore to discharge.


The patented Gobbler vessels are uniquely versatile and suitable for all pollution incidents worldwide. Capable of operating in Arctic to Tropical locations and in ocean conditions up to 60 nm or 150 nm offshore, or from a mother-ship, these compact, highly manoeuvrable jet drive vessels are equally effective in rivers, lakes, wetlands, harbours, coastal waters or historically polluted areas, and can recover oil from the lowest water mark. The Gobbler can respond to all sizes and types of oil incident from small spills and breakaway pockets to large established slicks.

Rapid Response

The Gobbler vessels can respond quickly enabling rapid deployment to pollution incidents. Gobbler is easily launched by custom road trailer from the most inhospitable terrains. The boat/trailers are designed to fit the load space of transport aircraft, enabling them to be deployed globally to remote or isolated locations. Gobbler’s offshore certification allows deployment directly from commercial ships, tankers and oil platforms, ensuring instant clean-up of spills at sea before they cause environmental and commercial damage ashore.

Operational Efficiency

A range of innovative Advancing skimmers can recover up to 40 tonnes of water-free oil per hour*, with the unique hull design drawing oil to the skimmer. Recovered oil is pumped via an internal system to quick-release towed bladders enabling recovery operations to run continuously. Mother-ship support combined with the optional GoPods enables group working with greatly increased recovery rates.

*With lighter oils, such as diesel, there could be approx. 2% water.


All the above features set us apart from other vessels of similar size.
No other small OSRV worldwide has the capabilities of Gobbler®.

International law now requires ships to have oil spill response coverage to enter any international port. The high cost of arranging cover with land based oil spill response contractors is eliminated if a Certified OSRV is carried on board. Insurance claims and “land-based” response agency fees will be dramatically reduced by installation of these highly versatile vessels.All the above features set us apart from other vessels of similar size. No other small OSRV worldwide has the capabilities of Gobbler®.

We have been advised by the Inspections Division of the U.S. Coast Guard that the the Gobbler vessel is acceptable for oil recovery operations in the USA. We were informed that due to its construction, weight and design, whereby the vessel has no on-board oil holding capacity, but alternatively uses towed detachable bladders, it does not need a USCG Certificate of Inspection. Further annual inspections are not required, a major financial bonus to oil recovery operators in reducing costs and downtime.


The Gobbler vessel, oil transfer technology and the associated equipment is covered by 17 granted and pending UK, EU and USA patents.

Gobbler 290 How does it work?

They look the same. What is the difference between the two versions? (Please see full specifications for each vessel)

1. Lloyds Register Certified +100A1 SSC WORK BOAT MONO HSC G3. This version is for installation on Commercial shipping and Oil platforms. Construction Certification G3 denotes up to and beyond 150nms operational distance from shore. This vessel comes with Satellite Communications and a higher level of emergency equipment.

This version can be used in any global location including Arctic regions.

2. DNV-GL 1A HSLC R2 Service (Offshore). This version can operate to 60nms from shore in acceptable conditions. Satellite communications are required beyond 20nms from shore. This version can operate in any global location within the construction parameters. Not recommended for Arctic regions.

Other than hull construction, shape-wise both vessels are identical and differ only by their individual technical specifications as listed for either offshore or coastal operations.
Hydraulic and electrical systems are the same and each has Plug & Play connectors for fast installation of optional equipment.
The highly efficient Gobbler Advancing Skimmer is here to stay… All recovered oil can be recycled for profit.

Both vessels installed as standard with Gobbler 40 tonnes per hour, Veritas Certified and tested Advancing Skimmers.
A range of 300-400hp, EIAPP EPA Tier III Certified engines are available as per operational requirements.

Lumbering, inefficient, expensive to run big ships that spread the oil and collect mostly water are History. Toxic dispersants can now be eliminated.
The age old problem of containing recovered oil at sea is solved by the use of quick-release towed bladders. A range of capacities are available to comply with local legislation and client requirements. Once the oil is contained, it is safe. Bladders can be collected and emptied as convenient. All bladders are supplied with regulation lights for night-time operation and identification.

TRIPS ASHORE TO EMPTY ARE ELIMINATED, fast and efficient 24/7 OPERATION IS HERE! Vessels are supplied Sea-trialled, complete and ready to go, to your operational specification.