GoverCraft Specifications

There are four different specifications of our Govercraft. The Hovercraft systems are hydraulically powered and electronically controlled for safe, spark-free operation, and are custom matched for their different applications.


This has a robotic, multi-rotational arm mounted on a lightweight tower. The revolving cutter head can swivel to any angle or level exterior to the hull and can cut trunks and stumps of vegetation such as dead mangroves along a river bank. The hover will pass effortlessly alongside the stumps and will take as many passes as necessary to clear the problem. This machine can also deal with cutting invasive vegetation such as water Hyacinths on lakes and rivers.


This vehicle is custom equipped to spread GoSorb absorbent material. 100% water-repellent and non-Toxic, the material is Patented and manufactured specifically for high volume spreading over large or small areas such as beaches, river banks, land masses or wetlands. Once it comes in contact with oil, within 15 minutes the oil is absorbed. When used in tidal regions and spread at low tide over the oil polluted zones , it will float off as a block when the tide rises. If used in non-tidal areas, it can be lifted off or harvested separately. Either way, the resultant product can be compressed and the oil squeezed out (about 80% of the mass), can be added to the oil for sale. The remaining solid core can be sold separately as Biomass base. Biomass is a high value product with huge demand in an energy hungry global market, and will return around 2 x the value of recovered oil.


This is custom equipped as a supply/ support vehicle for Hover #2. In the event the machines are operating in difficult to access areas, the absorbent material will be delivered directly to the working craft from a designated base supply depot, terrain is immaterial as hovers can cross land or water. Hover #3 has a payload of 800kgs per trip, thus the working machines have a constant supply of material. This machine can also be used for the transfer of up to 7 personnel.


This is a world beater. As you may have seen on TV recently, plastics are appearing on beaches worldwide and are a danger to marine life when in the water. It is designed to collect plastics from beaches and coastal surface water, eliminating the need for large gangs of people.

All of our hovers come spark-free, fully equipped with navigational aids, VHF radio, GPS, servicing and emergency spares, tool kits and regulation safety equipment.
Full Hovercraft specifications available soon.