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GoSorb is a chemically modified cellulose based material. (patented technology & proprietary formulation). It is engineered to be the only completely water repellent, environmentally compatible, lipophilic absorbent product on the market. It has an extremely high absorbency rate combined with permanent water repellent properties and oil retention.

Effective on water and land, GoSorb absorbs oil, greases and other water insoluble organics and contains no toxic, carcinogenic or biologically hazardous materials. It can be applied as a loose particulate by air sprayed or hand-laid methods, spread from a boat, bulk spread in controlled thicknesses by custom Govercraft or incorporated into booms and pillows for various aquatic applications. The captured oil can be recovered by compression for profit recycling, the compressed residue of GoSorb is convertible to valuable BioMass.

Features: Contains 97% recycled cellulose fibres, Biodegradable & non-toxic.

The new “Platform Govercraft” is fully loaded with navigation gear and electronics for working in the most hostile terrains. It’s been custom designed for mass oil pollution clean-up in Nigeria, working in collaboration with our Local Partners, Hydro-Gobbler Ltd, the Government, and major Oil Companies. It is designed for distribution of large quantities of GoSorb® and Enzymes over vast areas.  Cutting machinery, suction pumps, loading crane and an array of additional equipment simply “plug-in” to add massive versatility. Using the Gobbler large capacity haulage bags, collected materials are easily transferred from locations, inaccessible to 4×4’s, to storage and reclamation sites for 100% recycling. Nigeria will be cleaned up as has never before been possible, providing new opportunities and new life for the people.


GoSorb Applications

Open Water Clean up



Shoreline Clean-up

  • No need to pressure wash rocks or crevasses. GoSorb floats out unaided.
  • Tidal action cleaning.
  • single applications as required, additional applications for serious pollution scenarios