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Welcome to the Gobbler stable of spectacular boats and specialist equipment, designed and built to combat the disastrous effects of global pollution and Climate Change in the most practical, economical and simple way, fully tested to work, with the emphasis on 100% recycling.

From the outset, our goal has been zero emissions from our equipment to avoid adding to the many dire problems of our planet. Working in isolated locations, sometimes far from civilization does not bode well for conversion to electric power as is being done with cars and vans. It’s hardly likely we’ll ever find a “Palm 🌴tree with a Charging Point” in the middle of nowhere, thus to this end we are working to introduce Hydrogen cell technology at the earliest possible opportunity.

Plastic knows no boundaries, it appears in bulk or micro-form in every country, river and ocean of the world, deposited by weather patterns and ocean currents to affect not just ourselves, but those who have never contributed to the mess, but are massively affected by it. Make no mistake, it is the responsibility of everybody, pollutant guilty or not, to reverse this trend.

Climate Change is caused by sucking up pollutant gases, vapors and smoke, to heat our atmosphere whilst contaminating the air we breathe, thus Gobbler strives to keep ahead of the field. For every vessel or piece of equipment we provide full training and service support for our clients.

Gobbler is the epiphany of innovation with a dedicated, oriented R&D team that are constantly seeking to improve and invent what’s needed to get our Planet back on track, no matter the conditions or polluted locations we’re destined to work, we’ve never failed to find a solution.

It was to this end we realized a multi-tasking, high quality addition was needed to support fleets of Gobbler vessels when operating in calm or adverse conditions in rivers and lakes, or far out to sea.

Gobbler® is Driven by Nature© and Innovation…if something doesn’t exist, we build it to do the job.



Gulf 850
Gulf 850

The Gobbler 290 is a highly durable lightweight, commercially certified OSRV, designed for safety and total efficiency in any weather, anywhere in the world. It‘s equipped with what’s needed for first response to inshore or off-shore pollution emergencies, but to date has been dependent on support from others that often is not forthcoming, or more to the point, not available.

History through the ages shows that ALL countries, be they developed or developing, are never ready for the unexpected. When it comes to pollution and Climate Change, using big ships with big promises and loud rhetoric have never worked. Lack of dedicated equipment with limited organization or supervision, sometimes under Charity Status, means they do more harm than good, costing precious money, huge environmental damage, and YOU, the tax payer are indirectly charged for contributing to this so-called “Green” revolution that hasn’t, and won’t ever happen as things stand….. mistakes have to be rectified all over again…. the problem becomes more acute and causes an even bigger Environmental disaster! Common sense, sadly often in short supply, dictates a prudent budget aligned with genuine expertise and equipment are the only route to success, value and a cleaner Planet.

To eliminate not having external support when needed, we decided to invest and build our own.

Enter the new Gobbler Gulf 850 (open top) & Gulf 850c (Cabin/wheelhouse version) incorporating the OK Hulls.
To cover all eventualities and with speeds to 30+ knots these highly versatile vessels will instantly deliver.

Similar in size to the Gobbler 290, the rigid hull design is completely different. It meets the required critical load and space dimensions of all transport aircraft, and when deflated the side tubes allow compliance with international trailer towing regulations, creating the perfect supplement package to the Gobbler 290.

As with the full Gobbler range, custom designed, fully submersible all terrain stainless steel “tow-ball” trailers are available for the new GULF 850 and Gulf 850c.

The design is cleverly integrated with the Gobbler 290 systems, in-as-much identical inter-changeable components reduce production costs whilst making for easier quality control.
Everything Gobbler is spark-free by design, including the Gulf 850’s, to safely work in highly volatile locations. Until Hydrogen comes on stream, total power for both vessels is derived from identical 400hp, EIAPP Certified, EPA Tier 3 very low emission V6 diesel engines, coupled to the Rolls Royce water-jet, (with debris Auto-clean) enabling floatation in 650mm of water.

Hydraulic power delivers from a transmission mounted PTO and variable pressure pump, distributed through a multi-port load-sensing proportional valve. Electrics and electronics are fully waterproof to IP68 and identical to the Gobbler 290 OSRV.

A full set of inshore navigation equipment is standard, including Gobbler invisible anti-cloning patent protection. Mandatory equipment for offshore work is a factory fitted optional extra. Everything is controlled from the onboard computer and Helm display, which automatically switches to the systems in use. A computer embedded manual is always to hand, and servicing data appears when due. Global service contracts are available. Installation of an optional “AIS Class B” anti-collision system is recommended for crowded operational situations.

An optional safety feature for the avoidance of bad weather; dependent on the operational level of satellite communications installed, a Global UK MET Office weather service can be rented together with vessel location monitoring from a Gobbler UK base station. The Gobbler 290, the Gulf 850 series meet SAR requirements.

Gulf 850
Gulf 850

PICTURED LEFT: The Gobbler Gulf 850c cabin version is reverse cycle air conditioned.Mainly for foul weather work, this vessel is well suited, and built for anything from tropical to Arctic conditions.

PICTURED RIGHT: The Gobbler Gulf 850 open version can be used in confined rivers or lakes, but is equally at home in rough waters.

The multi-tasking Gulf 850’s will deliver containment bladders and fuel to the working Gobbler boats via a drip-free transfer system. A towing bollard and hydraulic winch can deliver ashore, the filled bladders when set free, to supplement the Gobbler vessels when returning to base.

It doesn’t stop there;

A range of “plug and play” multi-tasking hydraulic options are available.

The Gulf 850 hydraulic systems are such they can quickly connect to every Gobbler optional extra, such as Boom cleaning as designed for the US Navy, assist with clearing invasive vegetation, harbor and towing duties, SAR and more.

On 11th December 1997 the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Japan, with legally binding obligations for developed countries to reduce Greenhouse Gases, to achieve “Net ZERO Carbon emissions” and greenhouse gas stabilization.

Climate Change Conferences have been held since 2005, the last being COP26 in Glasgow UK in November 2021. Over the past 27 years Political Panic has reigned as our Planet dies. Closed eyes and heads in the sand is not an option. They’ve taken your money in the name of ZERO, now it needs to prudently invested, and remember…. In a Democracy, we all have a VOTE…. if they don’t deliver, Use it wisely! This is SERIOUS!

Gobbler is in the process of tendering to clean the great rivers and lakes of the World, the Ganges, the Nile, the Niger, the Amazon, the great Lakes of Africa, Victoria, Tanganyika, Malawi…… all of which are seriously polluted with plastic, oil, chemicals and invasive vegetation to the extent they are close to death. The Oceans, Atmosphere and Land are no better, the birds, the fish, aquatic life and animals are plastic wrapped from inside out. Everything adds to Climate Change, your future depends on ACTION…… When our World dies, WE all die with it.
With the new Gobbler Gulf boats, we’re investing in ourselves to make it happen for YOU, your family, your Children and beyond, any support you can offer is much appreciated. Thank you. Call +44 (0)7835 638770 for info.

We have but one Planet Earth, with your help….. YOU can depend on our dedicated Gobbler Team to restore it!