GoverCraft Overview

Govercraft® are designed for GoSorb® bulk spreading over large areas of oil polluted land, beaches or difficult to access river banks. Large tracts can be treated quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods. The product is 100% recyclable for profit, (see above) and anything remaining can be safely ploughed into the soil where the fertiliser element assists growth. It can be used in combination with Hydro-Gobbler, to regenerate polluted farmland in weeks rather than months.

Spread on oiled beaches by Govercraft®, as the machines hover over the surface, nothing gets trodden in. Beaches are rapidly returned to their original condition. No more armies of workers tramping in oil, GoSorb® floats off on the tide. Deep rocky crevasses can be filled with material and hosed to clean, or tide flushed naturally.