GoverCraft Overview

Govercraft® are designed for GoSorb® bulk spreading over large areas of oil polluted land, beaches or difficult to access river banks. Large tracts can be treated quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods. The product is 100% recyclable for profit, (see above) and anything remaining can be safely ploughed into the soil where the fertiliser element assists growth. It can be used in combination with Hydro-Gobbler, to regenerate polluted farmland in weeks rather than months.

Spread on oiled beaches by Govercraft®, as the machines hover over the surface, nothing gets trodden in. Beaches are rapidly returned to their original condition. No more armies of workers tramping in oil, GoSorb® floats off on the tide. Deep rocky crevasses can be filled with material and hosed to clean, or tide flushed naturally.

The new “Platform Govercraft” is fully loaded with navigation gear and electronics for working in the most hostile terrains. It’s been custom designed for mass oil pollution clean-up in Nigeria, working in collaboration with our Local Partners, Hydro-Gobbler Ltd, the Government, and major Oil Companies. It is designed for distribution of large quantities of GoSorb® and Enzymes over vast areas.  Cutting machinery, suction pumps, loading crane and an array of additional equipment simply “plug-in” to add massive versatility. Using the Gobbler large capacity haulage bags, collected materials are easily transferred from locations, inaccessible to 4×4’s, to storage and reclamation sites for 100% recycling. Nigeria will be cleaned up as has never before been possible, providing new opportunities and new life for the people.