Problems commonly experienced

Oil pollution at sea can and does happen unexpectedly and prevention is better than cure. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons such as bad weather, steering failure, lack of concentration, taking a short-cut to name but a few. On-board response can avert a major disaster and massive repercussions.

  • Tanker accidents.
  • Ship refuelling accidents.
  • Groundings.
  • Illegal cleaning of tanks.
  • Oil platform accidents.

The Solution… Commercial shipping

INSTALL ONCE…. BENEFIT for LIFE … an opportunity to reduce insurance premiums.

Highest quality… Only 29ft long (8.85m) Gobbler 290 Boats (Please see specifications) have a range of equipment to deal with all scenarios at any global location.

Lloyds Register Certified vessels are unique, in that they are designed for Commercial Shipping (including container ships) in combination with a semi-submersible launch cradle with a 40ft container footprint. It includes an integral transfer system to pump oil to the ship. 40 tonnes per hour Advancing Skimmer installed as standard. Optional spare bladders stow on the frame for easy access.
Vessels comply with a requirement for commercial ships to have oil pollution response in place prior to entering the Ports of the world, as an economical alternative to land based contractors who can take days to arrive on the scene. Instant response is an affordable, preferable way to avoid increases in future insurance premiums in the event of an accident. They come complete and ready to use, including mandatory Satellite communications, 2 x 6 tonne bladders, (optional spares available), spare parts, tool kit, 4 person life raft, offshore emergency pack and flares.
As a multi-tasking vessel, a comprehensive range of optional “Plug   Play” accessories and absorbent materials are available to cover many different scenarios.
Double as an Emergency Rescue Vessel.