Oil Pollution of Coasts, Rivers, Lakes Beaches and Land

Oil Spill


  • Shipping accidents
  • Seabed and Underground natural seepage
  • Oil coming ashore to pollute beaches.
  • Leaking exploratory and oil producing wells on land
  • Use of dispersants by irresponsible contractors
  • Broken pipelines from criminality
  • Dumping of oil in rivers and sewers
  • Historic oil pollution from neglect
  • Oil on farm land from unknown sources
  • Accidental discharges and failed pipes from land based refineries.

The Solution

DNV-GL 1A HSLC R2 Service (Offshore) vessels (Please see specifications) are for coastal operations to 60nms, inshore and for inland rivers and lakes.
Vessels have a comprehensive range of retrofit “plug & play” optional accessories for all scenarios

GoPods® series 4 and 8


GoSorb® Manufactured for distribution by #2 hovercraft. Application; Oiled beaches and land for rapid regeneration to original condition.
Saturated material can be compressed to recover 80% of the oil for recycling, the dry residue convertible to value Biomass.