Oil Spill

Oil Pollution – General

Problems commonly experienced

There are a host of reasons why 100’s of incidents around the world are causing sickness, economical disaster and environmental mayhem for millions of people. To name but a few;

“Prevention is better than cure”. The unexpected can always happen, but in most cases having the right equipment and training in place to deal with emergencies is a better and less expensive alternative to massive fines, follow on $multi-million law suits, increased insurance premiums and serious injury or death of personnel. Quality equipment will last for many years, albeit it still needs regular maintenance even when not used for long periods of time, to ensure instant readiness when duty calls. Gobbler equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and all components are made by ISO certified companies in UK, EC, Sweden, Denmark USA and Canada, to ensure the longevity and reliability of our products. We have a range of equipment designed to assist with all scenarios, in all locations tropical to Arctic, custom manufactured to suit client location and operational requirements.

Pollution comes in various forms, not just oil in water and on land, but invasive vegetation, plastics, and trash. Our equipment and Absorbent materials are specifically designed and manufactured for the job in hand…. Not just converted “get-you-by” alternatives. Wherever possible, our equipment is designed as “multi-tasking”, by installing a fast retrofit Plug & Play accessory to the main unit, a host of different problems can be solved. Everything recovered can be recycled for profit. The machinery is available for compressing oil-saturated absorbent materials, shredding vegetation for fertiliser, shredding and granulation plastics, making biomass….. No matter where you are located, we operate with partners around the world, our service is Global….Tell us your needs and we can help.